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stinky yarn???

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so my friend was rummage through some yarn she has acquired over the years. must of it was junk except some realy precious vintage green skiens... on problem, it stinks... is there anything that can be done for this yarn to salvage it?

So, my question is this - is there any way to remove that stale “I’ve-been-sitting-in-a-bag-for-27-years” smell from the yarn? Suggestions?

any advice would be grand!!!

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On September 2nd, 2006 03:58 pm (UTC), katrinkles commented:
if it is wool try putting it outside. i know with wool sweaters an afternoon swinging in the breezes will make it fresh again. it would probably work best if you can rewind it loosely, so that the air can flow between the fibers.
if it is a manmade material, i wouldn't bother. acryllic will probably never lose a gross smell.
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