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totally remove if this is not appropriate!

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I want to introduce myself since I’ve never posted at this community before.

I’m completely new this whole live journal thing, my fiancé got me interested and so far from just watching I think this is an awesome thing to be involved in.
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Gah, it's been far too long since I've posted here, but then it's been far too long since I've made much crocheted art either. So here's my latest creation, which I figure passes "OMG that's wrong" and goes straight into "for the love of all that's good and pure, stop!".


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so my friend was rummage through some yarn she has acquired over the years. must of it was junk except some realy precious vintage green skiens... on problem, it stinks... is there anything that can be done for this yarn to salvage it?

So, my question is this - is there any way to remove that stale “I’ve-been-sitting-in-a-bag-for-27-years” smell from the yarn? Suggestions?

any advice would be grand!!!

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Two crocheted pieces in a current art show.

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for the nipple project (an art project):

the nipple project

made with a very coily yarn (my handspun)

send them something!

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has anyone tried making one of the crocheted hyperbolic planes/pseudospheres? i started one today (kind of by accident), and having seen it before, looked it up to find out more about it.

any experimentation? tips, tricks, etc?

i'm going to make a ton of them and experiment, just for my curiosity. (and besides, i might be able to make a neat mobile or three out of these things when i'm done)
and since it's such a mathematic/scientific sort of thing, i'll go about this very scientifically:

what happens if i:
increase or decrease the rate of stitch increases. (ie, going from increasing every stitch to every three, or vice versa)
stop increasing and just keep crocheting outwards?
suddenly start decreasing every stitch? does it collapse in on itself and implode?
experimenting with increase rates (from increase every stitch to increase every ten stitches) and colors (single row stripes, blocks of color, varigated, tonal, etc)

i'm not out to solve mathematical equations or prove anything new... just curious on a purely aesthetic level.

i wish i'd found these on my first or second week of bedrest... not week eight! -grumble- oh well, four more weeks to go.

cross posted a couple places, sorry for repeats
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i know you might belong to other communities where this article was mentioned, but i'm mentioning it here because it has so many links to artists doing great things with crochet. (i wrote it.) hope you enjoy, if you haven't seen it!
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